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Our Food - 100% Fresh, forget tinned!

Pet Love Meat Mix uses the finest of fresh ingredients and naturally derived nutrients​.

Made by hand, fresh every week, there are no preservatives or additives in our product.

We use raw ingredients, food based vitamins and minerals and a variety of fresh meats sourced from within Australia.

​Pet Love Meat Mix is filled with the goodness of fresh raw meat, carrots, celery, zucchini, red capsicum, beetroot, parsley, garlic, lecithin, kelp, cold-pressed honey, brewers yeast, linseed meal, sesame seeds, chia seeds, psyllium husk, coconut, wholegrains including brown rice, oats, bulgar wheat, corn meal, barley, rye and some olive oil added for good measure.

You can choose from either Beef, Ox Cheek, Chicken, Turkey, Venison, Rabbit, Kangaroo, Pork, Duck or Lamb.

The Meat Mix can be purchased in bulk, 1 kilogram or 500 gram tubs, and 200 gram patties.


Pet Love has gone green and uses recyclable tubs. There is a 50 cent refund for the return of the 1 kilogram and 500 gram tubs.

And best of all it can be conveniently delivered to your door from as little as $5 delivery charge depending on location.

We also stock a variety of fresh meaty bones.

We can cater for your pet's special needs, such as grain free. Just ask us and we'll devise a mix that is suitable for your pet. 


Meat Mix Feeding Suggestions

Dog size and Amount of Food (per day): 

5-10 Kg: 100 - 250 Grams (1/2 to 1 Cup)

15-25 Kg: 250 - 500 Grams (1 to 2 Cups)

30-45 Kg: 500 - 750 Grams (2 to 3 Cups)

Over 50 Kg: 750 Grams - 1 Kg (3 to 4 Cups) 

* Variations to feed amounts are dependent on age & breed.

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