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We Love Animals and What We Do!

Pet Love Meat Mix

Diet is the single most important factor in your pet's health.

In the wild, animals would eat insects, meat, plants and water.

In addition to this, animals often eat offal from their prey which contains the highest level of nutrients which includes partially digested grains, cereals and vegetables.

As we have domesticated animals to become our best friends, we have changed what they are eating and often they are missing out on certain nutrients which help them to grow, become strong and fight off disease.

Pet Love Meat Mix was designed with your pet's health in mind and consists of all natural ingredients to keep your pet healthy and happy.

* If you are uncertain about your animals' welfare, it is highly recommended that you seek professional advice, as Pet Love is unable to formally diagnose or treat illnesses.

Pet Love Meat Mix

Made by hand, fresh every week and using the finest of fresh ingredients. 

Our Treats and 
Dry Food

Locally produced treats with no preservatives added.


Collars and leads, beds, bowls, grooming accessories, flea treatments, toys and more

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